Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the medical specialty that relates to the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, kidneys, digestive system, secretion, metabolism, immune system, connective and supporting tissues, blood vessels and blood circulation. The professional title “specialist for internal medicine / internist” requires constant further education. Read more about our internistic services here.

Internal Medicine in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen

Our holistic approach is to offer the most requested medical services under one roof. Our experience includes cardiology (heart medicine), gynecology and internal medicine in addition to primary care. Internists deal with processes and diseases in the human body.

As specialists, they have more options for differentiated diagnoses than general practitioners. Internists can also do vaccinations, treat tropical diseases, poisoning, tumors or sports diseases and advise on diets. If a disease results in an invasive procedure, an internist can also perform small operations. Specialists in internal medicine often work in hospitals and specialize in a specific field.

Which examinations are carried out by internists?

Internists use the blood count, ECG (electrocardiogram) and imaging techniques such as ultrasound (sonography) and endoscopy as sources of information.

  • On the basis of the blood picture already fundamental statements can be made, for example with regard to inflammation values. If a blood picture has abnormalities, then they can be used as a guide, in which direction further examinations should take place – or which therapy is indicated immediately.
  • The ECG provides information about the health of the heart; In addition to an ECG in practice, it may be appropriate to write a long-term ECG. Here, the person to be examined carries a corresponding recording device, e.g. over a period of 24 hours or more.
  • The goal of a long-term ECG is to record any irregularities in the heart’s activity in order to get to the bottom of the causes. In addition to a long-term ECG, a heart ultrasound can be performed. This imaging procedure shows the heart and its vessels in a high-resolution representation. Cardiac ultrasound can be performed by cardiologists at the in-house and specialist center.
  • An ultrasound examination provides the examining doctor with pictures from inside the body. Unlike the X-ray, there is no burden on the body due to radiation. In many clinical pictures, a sonography can be used to make a statement in a short time whether further examinations are necessary, such as an MRI.

What happens during the examination by the internist?

The internal medical examination is initiated by the collection of the complaints experienced by the patients (anamnesis). The internist inquires about the current state of health of the patient and inquires about family history (predispositions) in connection with certain illnesses.

Depending on any signs of illness, physical examinations or additional analyzes of blood and urine are performed in the laboratory.

Various methods are available for the corresponding investigations. For example, the derivation of an electrocardiogram (ECG), the blood test, ultrasound of the affected organs and cardiac ultrasound.

After the examination, a detailed consultation with the doctor takes place. We will take time for you and discuss further steps with you, such as referral to a specialist in urology or X-ray diagnostics. In Frankfurt, with the home and specialist center specialists of all directions in a long-standing, good connection.

When should you go to the internist?

If you suffer from regular ailments that can not be clarified with primary care diagnosis, you should visit our internist. Do you have pain when walking or frequent stomach aches?

For example, we are the right contact person for this. Leg pain, for example, may be due to vascular disease that we can treat in our practice. Gastric pain can have many causes that you should definitely clarify. Maybe there are other complaints?

In our medical practice, we can diagnose your disease and specifically provide relief for your physical discomfort.

Medical Check-up is a important prevention

As part of your pension plan, you should also make his regular health care at the doctor. For example, in our home and specialist practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Because a regular checkup gives you more security for the planning of your future. Within the precaution the metabolism, important organs as well as the cardiovascular system are checked for appropriate functionality. Any pre-existing conditions or allergies we can save with your consent on your insurance card so that in an emergency, a doctor can quickly access this data.

Which investigations and important points belong to a big check-up?

A large health check-up includes:
– Exercise ECG
– Ultrasound of the thyroid gland
– Ultrasound of the abdominal organs
– Ultrasound of the heart
– Ultrasound of the thyroid gland
– Cancer screening in men
– Bone density measurement in women
– extensive laboratory diagnostics with blood count
– X-ray of the thorax
– Pulmonary function test
– Doppler duplex procedure for vascular diseases
– detailed examination
– detailed diagnosis and consultation

Read more about our offers for the check-up here.