Primary care

As family doctors, we take time for you and your family. We keep the tradition of the family doctor, who is there for the family, even – and especially in a time when everything should go fast. The quality of medical care is not just a matter of professional expertise. It is especially important that we take time for you and your concerns.

When do you go to the family doctor?

Typical medical problems as a reason for visiting the family doctor: It may be the flu, the gastrointestinal influenza, ie those diseases that spread quickly in a neighborhood on the school classes and kindergarten groups. Then you hear from the family doctor, it is something to do with us. But for other, more serious illnesses, the family doctor is the right address to possibly refer to specialists.

Why are regular visits to the doctor important?

“I’m never sick – I have not been to the doctor for years!” Such phrases are often heard, and the attitude that goes with them can be a risk, for all the joy we share with those who share one to enjoy stable health, let’s point out a circumstance:

Most serious illnesses begin with barely noticeable symptoms. The sooner the early warning signs of an onset of illness are recognized, the sooner action can be taken and treated. Example hypertension:

A high blood pressure is not noticed by itself. If one lives because of the attitude “I do not need a doctor” for years with too high blood pressure, works and harms his body, long-term consequences can be set, which are then harder to treat. Particularly in the case of high blood pressure, which, in addition to overweight, is increasingly becoming a widespread disease, dangerous sequelae can occur: up to and including stroke.

It is best to go with the attitude “I want to stay healthy and go to the doctor at least once a year.”

Praxis Eingang Mosaik Salve

Practice entrance mosaic “salve”

Family doctor for generations, family doctor in the narrowest sense

We take our doctor-patient relationships very personally: over generations. Since 1992, when we founded the Medical Center in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, we have looked after and treated many thousands of patients and patient families. From then young parents with young children have become in almost a quarter century parents of middle age and some grandparents.

In the family tradition, the children became adult patients, who in turn have families. Thus, the trust is passed on to us as family doctors in the banking city over the generations.

As GPs, we are grateful for the loyalty that families have given us over many years. And we do everything we can to keep it that way. Health on the Main in the City of Frankfurt: this motto characterizes our practice at the upper end of Schweizer Strasse on Mainufer – and our actions.