Dr. med. Leo Najman, ret.

Dr. Leo Najman, ret., Deputy Head of the Haus- und Facharzt-Zentrum in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. Read more about his career and his specialization here.

Dr. Leo Najman Arzt Frankfurt

Dr. med. Leo Najman

Dr. med. Leo Najman – Deputy Head of Medical Center Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, ret.

Vita Dr. med. Leo Najman

  • 1992 Establishment and opening of the practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen with a focus on internal medicine and general medicine, checkup and acupuncture, pain therapy and smoking cessation.
  • One of the special emphases in the home and specialist center Frankfurt is the experience in internal medicine, especially internal medicine.
  • Since 1987 Dr. med. Leo Najman for the emergency service in Frankfurt.
  • From July 1987 to March 1989 med. Leo Najman and a team of Bethesda Hospital doctors, Washington D.C., a dialysis station for tourists in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Residency from 1981-1987 at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in the Department of Internal Medicine.
  • Study of human medicine at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt am Main