Medical services

    Family doctor, internist, cardiologist

    The concept in the Frankfurt Medical Specialist Center: Provide everything centrally, which helps the patients.

    We have GPs and specialists like internists and cardiologists in-house. From primary care to internal medicine and heart medicine to gynecology, we offer a wide range of medical and specialist services. In the vicinity of our practices are also doctors, with whom we work together, eg. B. urological practice, trauma surgeon, radiology. The pharmacy is only a few meters away.

    Family Doctors

    As family doctors, we take time for you and your family. We keep the tradition of the family doctor, who is there for the family, even – and especially in a time when everything should go fast. The quality of medical care is not just a matter of professional expertise. It is especially important that we take time for you and your concerns.

    Internal Medicine

    Internal medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, kidneys, digestive organs, secretion, metabolism, immune system, connective and supporting tissue, blood vessels and blood circulation refers. The professional title “specialist for internal medicine / internist” requires a corresponding specialist admission – and requires constant further education. Read more about our internistic services here. To internal medicine

    Cardiovascular diseases – prevention is life-sustaining

    Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of death. Very important is therefore the prevention. Read here how we diagnose risk factors and what we can recommend for prevention.

    Everything that serves the health

    Since the founding of the Frankfurt Medical Practice Center in 1992, we have maintained a meaningful networking and partnership with nearby specialist medical practices and hospitals. From obesity to cyst, a good treatment option can be found for every clinical picture.

    Health is far more than the absence of disease. The word health can also be used as a description of a condition that is experienced by people as harmonious. Health as harmony of achievement and recovery, as basis and qualification for the successful life and experience in the everyday life. Because health is not alone, for example Based on many factors and context conditions of the human being, we also attach importance with our specialist concept to the comprehensive consideration and treatment of health and the indication of the need for change – also called symptoms.