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Examination and treatment of the heart and circulatory system

Regardless of whether you require a precise fitness and physical constitution assessment, want a preventive examination or suffer from an acute discomfort, we are there to help. Our computer aided heart and circulatory system examinations with electrocardiography, stress ECG, long-term ECG and 24-hour blood pressure measurements with the latest portable recording devices will deliver an optimal diagnosis. The examination results deliver valuable information about the cause of respiratory ailments, cardiac function disorders or organic sources of unspecified circulatory dysfunctions. Our broad cardiologic portfolio furthermore includes ultrasound examinations of blood vessels and arteries running through the neck and legs.

Depending on whether further cardio and pulmonary (heart and lung) medical examinations are necessary, these will be organized without delay by our specialist medical doctor for Cardiology and Vascular Diagnostics, Dr. Behjati Jameda-Presentation Dr. Behjati


For further information, our medical team will be glad to assist you.